Meet Our Fleet: The Machines Behind Armstrongs Group

Armstrongs are a reliable supplier of all forms of stone material. From rock armor or cut dimension stone down to aggregate, sand or dust. We operate five quarries across the North West and Cumbria. To do this we run an expansive and efficient fleet. In this blog we will identify the key machines within our business and welcome you to meet our fleet.

To be able to operate these five quarries, our head office and stone workshop- as well as our AMIX Concrete subsidiary- Armstrongs has a strong and vast fleet of machines behind it.


Our transport fleet has grown immensely over recent years. Continual investment by Armstrongs Group ensures we maintain maximum efficiency and reliability, whilst also meeting our environmental commitments.

The Wagons in our fleet consist wholly of Scania’s who offer excellent service and product to the Group, and we are proud to have worked alongside them for a number of years. The aggregates business utilise 8 wheel tipper wagons for maximum flexibility and articulated tippers for maximum load carrying. We also have walking floor trailers and low loaders for the transportation of equipment.

The high standard of reliability and service we provide is driven by an excellent team of fully qualified drivers, along with a strong safety record. Our new tracking system will facilitate the constant monitoring of driving styles to enhance this further.

Armstrongs Group vehicles and trailers are serviced in line with regulations by our own workshops. Our workshops consist of a versatile and experienced a team of fitters at our disposal. Notwithstanding our work we are also very conscious of cleanliness and appearance and our drivers are responsible for their own vehicles.

We also have an extensive range of heavy duty plant and machinery which is well invested and continually maintained by our internal fitters.

The Armstrong group strongly believe in owning vehicles, plant and equipment. Therefore, allowing for maximum flexibility and demonstrates our long term commitment to our customers, staff and the industry.

Our fleet of vehicle across our sites includes construction machinery from Hitachi, Bell and Case. The fleet of construction machinery we operate includes excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks, haulers and bulldozers.

Meet Our Fleet




The ZX690-6 was built to work reliably in challenging environments. Thanks to robust features and strengthened components, such as the travel motor guard, idler bracket and reinforced arm, it is exceptionally durable. The strengthened new injector also increases the reliability of the engine, while

the main fuel filter prevents dust from entering the fuel circuit.


The ZX210LC-5 is a force to be reckoned with. It is easy to transport and is designed for sewer and water contractors, basement diggers and for work in urban areas. An Isuzu engine delivers fuel-efficient and reliable performance; grouped service points simplify maintenance; a spacious cab keeps operators comfortable.


The ZX225USLC-6 is one of our most versatile medium excavators. This is due to its short-tail swing and a variety of optional extras. It was developed to deliver high levels of productivity and fuel efficiency, particularly if space is limited. Due to its compact dimensions, it is suitable for a wider range of jobs than the standard 21-tonne model while retaining its powerful lifting force.

Wheel loaders


The ZW310-6 is Hitachi’s most popular wheel loader in Europe due to its bucket capacity. It is suitable for loading trucks in quarries, waste handling applications and road construction projects. The quick power switch increases engine output when more power is instantly required or when driving uphill. Hitachi’s design engineers have improved the traction force on this model by 25% for easier loading.



Dump truck


The B40E is a perfect truck for many plant and quarry fleets due to its greater power and increased payload. It delivers the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry at 5.37 kW/ton.

This truck is a culmination of a five-year research and development program. As a result, the B40E has been engineered to handle future emissions requirements and incorporates the latest developments in 6×6 technologies. These technologies give you more in the way of performance and fuel efficiency improvements.



2050M Dozer

The 2050M has a best-in-class horsepower of 214 hp, massive drawbar pull of nearly 81,000 lbs, fingertip controls and customizable steering. It also has shuttle and blade sensitivity settings that can be adjusted between Smooth, Moderate and Aggressive to match ground conditions and operator comfort. A new v-shaped cooling system with auto-reversing fan also helps maximize uptime by automatically clearing the cooling package of debris.


Armstrongs Group use Scania trucks exclusively for our fleet. We use many different models to get the job done. Our Flagship truck “Mayson” is an R520 whilst we also deploy a range of 8 Wheeler rigid tippers such as the: G410, P380, P400, P410, P450 & R410.

The Scania P-series cab provides a combination of space and security, with easy cab access ideal multi-drop duties. The P series delivers really powerful, frugal, fuss-free performance, backed by the latest and cleanest Euro 5 SCR technology

However, Armstrongs Group also use articulated tippers to help maximize our fleet and efficiency with the Scania P420 & R440 being a couple of our vehicles of choice.

Our Amix Concrete mixers also utilize Scania as their vehicles of choice with the 6 wheeled P360 being our currently preferred model.

For more information about our fleet you can visit our website or find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn  @ArmstrongsGroup.