Armstrongs take delivery of new Scania p410 wagons

Our transport fleet has grown immensely over recent years, and continual investment by the Armstrong Group ensures we maintain maximum efficiency and reliability, whilst also meeting our environmental commitments. This week we took delivery of two new Scania P410 XT series wagons. The Scania P-series cab provides a combination of space and security, with easy cab access ideal multi-drop duties. The P series delivers really powerful, frugal, fuss-free performance, backed by the latest and cleanest Euro 5 SCR technology.

Armstrongs tradition dictates that our wagons are named after racehorses, and these wagons are no different.

“Gritstone” and “Lyons Lane” join our existing fleet of tippers, with their truck bodies built by Marshalls.

Marshalls Truck Bodies is one of the North West’s leading commercial vehicle body builders. They provide premium quality, fully bespoke bodies to a wide range of customers, including many major UK fleets.

Their advanced in-house technology allows us to deliver contemporary, creative designs for all requirements. We also only work with major UK manufacturers of parts, trucks and materials – ensuring strength, reliability and longevity in every body we build.

Armstrongs fleet of Wagons consist wholly of Scania’s who offer excellent service and product to the Group, and we are proud to have worked alongside them for a number of years. The aggregates business utilise 8 wheel tipper wagons for maximum flexibility and articulated tippers for maximum load carrying. We also have artic tipping trailers, flat trailers for transporting aggregates and low loaders for the transportation of equipment.

tipper dimensions png

The Armstrong group strongly believe in owning vehicles, plant and equipment as it caters for maximum flexibility and demonstrates our long term commitment to our customers, staff and the industry. You can find out about our entire fleet on our blog here.

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History of Pilkington Quarry Revealed

A little more history behind our Pilkington Quarry was revealed today as we came across a brilliant article dated over 100 hundred years ago!

Below is the transcript from an article dated 1888 illustrating the extraction of stone from our Pilkington Quarry in Horwich.

Pilkington Quarry covers 53 acres near the town of Horwich and was operational for over one hundred years.

Pilkington 1 is exhausted but carries permissions to receive 2m tonnes of inert waste, whilst Pilkington 2 is as yet unmined but carries a pale buff/brown, highly durable gritstone.

The Article below reads as following:

“The manufacturer and Builder 1888

A Huge Stone

There was recently cut out from the Pilkington quarry, Harwich, England, in one piece, without crack or flaw, a great block of stone weighing upward of thirty five tons.
The dimensions are 14 ½ feet in length, 6 feet high, and 5 feet 3 inches wide.

The removal of this huge mass from its bed in the quarry to its destination- a bleach works in Bolton, a distance of seven miles over rough, hilly road- was successfully accomplished in the manner shown in our illustration, by the phoenix steam and boiler company, of Bolton, under the direction of H. W. Rushton. The London Engineer remarks it is said to be the largest block of stone ever quarried in England”


Pilkington Quarry
Modern day Pilkington Quarry to the left, Our Montcliffe Quarry to the right.


If you have any knowledge of local history surrounding our quarries that you want to share with us you can do so here.

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