Meet Our Staff

Over the last few months you may have noticed that we have started to show you more of the internal workings of our business. This is because we want to have an open door policy with our clients, audience and local community. You have met our fleet, read about our ethos and seen where our stone goes, now its time to meet our staff.

Our business is built of local people who work tirelessly for us and for their communities too, as a result of this we feel like we can offer higher levels of customer service.

Every great business and community has a solid base, using a pun that relates very well to our business, you need a concrete foundation to build on. From our office staff through to our drivers and plant operators we feel like we have the perfect blend of staff to provide top quality service and products.

In this blog we will introduce you to some of our staff and tell you why they are so important to us.

To run a fast paced Aggregate, Cut Stone and Ready Mix Concrete business across 5 quarries requires brilliant people to make operations as smooth as possible. Here are some of those people at our head office. Meet Our Staff.

Meet Our Staff

Let’s start with our Directors. We have company Director Emma Armstrong, Financial Director Sue and Sales & Operations Director John. Our directors are hands on throughout the entire business and lead by example to the rest of the team.

In our Transport office you will find John and his team, alongside John is our Senior Development and Operations Manager Tony. Our friendly sales team are also based in the Transport office, with many of you will have had the pleasure of speaking to Gary in our sales team on a number of occasions. Our Transport manager Sam Armstrong is also based here- as well as at many of our other sights too!

At our head office you will also find our HR manager Lesley- She deals with all our recruitment and much more!

Also based at our Head office are our accounts team. Deb, Tracy, Louise and Emma are constantly working tirelessly to make sure things are ticking over and they are the people you usually get through to on the phone. We also have our Web content manager Daniel based at our head office too.


Tracy Emma  Deb

Our Amix subsidiary is also based at our head office, General Manager Barry is based in our office whilst the batching plant is down in our yard.

Emma Armstrongs & Barry

Here at Armstrongs we have over 170 employees across our five sites and thus it is difficult to name them all individually. From our drivers, to our plant operators, quarry managers to cleaners and everyone at Armstrongs we thank you for making our business what it is today!

You will find more of our staff in focus across our social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To find out how you can join our ever growing team you can find our recruitment opportunities HERE.