Experience Employment

Young people are becoming more and more distant from joining the working world. However I do not believe this is their fault; it just isn’t correctly targeting to them. That’s why we have created a campaign all about how Armstrongs can help the younger generation experience employment.

What is Experience Employment?

Experience Employment is a new campaign at Armstrongs Group, in which we hope to introduce young people to new opportunities. We want young people to learn about the working world, and get ahead of the curve. I aim to help young people to the open doors of Armstrongs and how they can widen their views of their futures.

Image of our work experience student Thomas, from Bolton Sixth Form College, down at our stone yard.

Being a young person myself, I believe I will be able to connect to my audience in an effective way for both me and them. Also, I wish to make an impact on the community as well to spread this message to more and more young people, who may feel a sense of anxiety towards work.

The young people of today are sometimes looked at negatively in recent society and we think this is unfair. We at Armstrongs want to help those young people, show their potential and show what they have to offer to the world. Over the course of the Experience Employment campaign, I hope to be positively engaging with and hopefully introducing young people to new employment opportunities.

As a college student, on work placement for Armstrongs, I have learnt a great deal in my months here. Including a wide range of skills and knowledge, not only about aggregate and cut stone, but the working world too.

This has made me want to help young people discover that there IS a position for everyone in the workplace!

Our work experience student stood next to one of our brand new trucks.

Our goals for Experience Employment

The main goal for Experience Employment is about creating experiences for younger people in the workplace. Armstrongs are always looking for new talent, and we believe young people have that. New ideas and fresh ways of thinking are what we love!

The Experience Employment campaign is going to posted across all our social medias, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So keep your eyes open, as we’ve got more on the way!

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