Concrete Vs Cement

Even though concrete and cement are totally different things, it is very common for people to get them mixed up. In today’s blog, it’s Concrete Vs Cement! We’re going to be telling you all about the differences between the two materials and what sets them apart.

Concrete Vs Cement

What is Concrete?

Concrete is what’s formed when aggregate and sand are mixed with cement and water. This is a material which gets stronger and stronger throughout the years and the older it gets. However, time is not the only factor which will cause concrete to harden. Moisture also helps the concrete keep curing (hardening).

Concrete is used in many different purposes around the world, including buildings, bridges and road pavings.

One of our AMIX mixer trucks depositing some of our quality concrete into a wheel barrow.

What is Cement?

Cement is a powdery substance which is mixed with other materials to create a desired product. It is an ingredient in concrete and is a powdery substance which is made by calcining lime and clay. Calcining is the part of process where the lime and clay go through a large tunnel and heated to extreme temperatures.

At our subsidiary company, AMIX, we use only the best cement which is CEM1. This contains 100% cement.

One of our AMIX mixers doing some community work and providing concrete.

Cement is not only used in the production of concrete. There are multiple ways in which cement can be used. These include plastering, masonry work, and creating joints for drains and pipes.

The Process

Portland cement makes up around 10% and 15% of the total mass of concrete. Portland cement is not a brand name however; it is just a generic term for the most universally used cement. Water is added to the Portland cement in a process called ‘hydration’.

This starts a chemical reaction, creating the cement to harden. Before this hardens, sand and aggregate must be added, so a paste-like substance forms. This then turns into an almost rock-like mixture, known as concrete. When the concrete sets, the tiny crystals in the structure will harden.

This shows that there is actually a huge difference between concrete and cement. We hope we have provided you with some quality information which you could maybe use in the future.

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