Armstrongs Tips for a Bespoke Garden

Every person deserves a garden they can be proud of, and definitely something bespoke. In today’s blog, we will be giving you our best tips on how to create the perfect bespoke garden for you and your home. This will involve tips about cut stone, aggregate and concrete and how these can all be used in your own garden. Here are Armstrongs tips for a bespoke garden.

What makes a bespoke garden?

Bespoke gardens are special. They are personal, particular and tailored to the owner’s needs and also their pleasures. A garden is made bespoke when the owner uses their creativity and initiative to turn it into what they want. Bespoke gardens may contain certain features and/or functions which you may not find in any other garden.

Waddington Fell Stone- garden features

How can you make your garden bespoke?

You can create a bespoke garden by using different materials and features to make it look how you want. Receiving information from professionals will help you to understand and be able to turn your vision into a reality. Armstrongs offer a range of products which can be used in gardens to make them bespoke.

What Armstrongs have to offer to make a garden bespoke?

As mentioned previously, Armstrongs offer a range of products and services to help create the perfect bespoke garden for you. To lay a foundation, we have the best ready mix concrete in the North West to bring straight to you. We know exactly what goes into our mixes, so we can guarantee 100% top quality ready mix concrete to be used to create a clean and durable driveway for your garden.

minstone house project

We also offer smaller aggregate which can be used for driveways, paths or simple features to add to your garden. Our larger aggregate can be used in gabion baskets. Gabion baskets are metal wired baskets filled with 150mm sized aggregate. These can be used to create a wall in your garden and look different to the ordinary stone or brick wall.

We also offer cut stone products and services to offer anybody who may want to add a new piece of bespoke furniture or decoration to their garden. Tables, benches and other decorative pieces are available from Armstrongs which can be used in your own space. Our products are bespoke because they are what you want. We will create the perfect mix of concrete for your needs and help you select the suitable aggregate for the job. We even create your own personalised cut stone feature, looking exactly the way you want it. Armstrongs Tips for a bespoke garden- Waddington Fell Stone- garden features

Tips on how to look after your bespoke garden?

When cleaning a stone bench or table, the best way is to wipe down the surface with warm soapy water with a cloth. Kitchen detergent is perfectly fine if you happen to have some lying about. This will remove any residue that could stain. Moreover, to leave a streak free finish to your bench, use a dry, clean cloth and dry the area.

Now, a tip for concrete. If you have a concrete path or driveway, avoid using harsh chemicals such as de-icers. These can eat away at the surface of the concrete, causing it to gradually deteriorate. Therefore, if available, use sand for traction on icy or slippery paths and driveways for traction. At Armstrongs, we offer a varied range of aggregate, including 0-2mm sand. For more information about this product, visit the Our Products page HERE

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