Armstrongs take new delivery of Case 2050 bulldozer

Armstrongs Group recently took new delivery of a Case 2050 bulldozer to be used at our Pilkington quarry.

Pilkington Quarry covers 53 acres near the town of Horwich and has been operational for in excess of one hundred years.

Pilkington 1 is exhausted but carries permissions to receive 2M tones of inerts waste, whilst Pilkington 2 is as yet unmined but carries a pale buff/brown highly durable gritstone.

“The largest in the CASE lineup, the new 2050M dozer was designed with mass and muscle in mind. It offers up to 14% more power than the 1850K, nearly 81,000 lbs of drawbar pull and a robust, box-style C-frame engineered to withstand extreme blade forces. But this 24-ton mammoth is also about less; less time spent on maintenance, less fuel usage thanks to industry-exclusive SCR technology and less worry thanks to the premium protection of ProCare. Simply put, from fine grading to heavy dozing, the 2050M gets more done.” – Case