Armstrongs: Community Strong

Here at Armstrongs Group, across our Armstrongs Aggregates and AMIX Concrete sites, we believe that if you invest in people that they will invest in you. Our company values: Safety, Responsibility, Customer Focus, Team Orientated, Performance Driven and Entrepreneurial echo more than just hollow words on a page, they are our way of life. They cover a wide variety of differing factors but ultimately aggregate to one thing, Community.

As our brand and social media channels grow, we want to use our position in our communities in a positive manner. We want to help shape and build our local communities, sharing our knowledge and expertise where possible. Teaching, learning, and acting within our communities to provide support and understanding to those in our local areas, Armstrongs Group are dedicated to being Community Strong.

The importance of local community

The importance of community cannot be understated, whether it is in the workplace, in academic institutes or in your neighbourhood; there should always be a sense of community and belonging. The Armstrongs Group has five quarries across the North West and Cumbria, as well as our head offices in Horwich, we are implanted in the centre of many a community, and we want to be a part of those communities.

We may be a company that works in quarries, producing aggregates, ready mix concrete and bespoke cut stone, but we still have a duty to our communities and welcome people to come and see how we work. Our iconic red wagons are easily identifiable and we often get enquiries from the public about coming to see them.

Occasionally we offer academic and community trips to our quarries and have welcomed everyone from schools to geologists, providing an educational and “behind the scenes” visit for all age groups.

community Quarry Visit
Waddington Fell School visit

For more information on visits to one of our sites or information on how we can assist further in our local communities you can email us on