Geologists visit our Shap Quarry

Armstrongs Group were pleased to welcome experienced Geologists to our Shap Quarry in Cumbria, on Friday 17th August 2018, for a tour of the site.

Shap Quarry covers 53 acres near the village of Shap and has been operation  since 1950. It is the home of Shap Pink granite, a widely used decorative building stone.

The site yields two types of stone, Light Shap primarily worked as aggregate and Dark Shap used architecturally, one example being the historic Midland Hotel in Manchester. It is also worked traditionally with high demand presently for Rock Armour to build sea and river defences.

Armstrongs Group is dedicated to the inclusion of educational and community visits to all of our sites and quarries and welcomes enquiries all year round.

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