Bespoke Stone For A Bespoke Home

At Armstrong Group we have a range of products and services, that allow for us to create bespoke and unique cut stone for any occasion. Our dedicated stone masons hand and machine craft our stone to your exact specifications, creating bespoke stone for a bespoke home.

A report dated February 2018, published by the BBC, highlighted that First-time house buyers were at an 11 year high. This signalled a rise of 7.4% in first time buyers compared with 2016. This means that there were 365,000 first time buyers in the UK in 2017, the highest number since the financial crisis.

The numbers highlighted in the BBC report are a shift in the right direction for the housing market. Over a quarter of a million people are now looking to make a home in their new property. The Armstrongs Group firmly believe that unique bespoke and tailored furnishings and products add the little touches you need to stamp your personality on your house.

Our company is family owned and run in a physical and metaphorical sense. At our core, we have the Armstrongs family- who are hands on and a part of every aspect of our business. Then you have the staff- most of them are hired locally- who are welcomed into the family with open arms. There is a real sense of community (you can read how important community is to us here) that harvests a unique and positive attitude across our 6 sites. This unique ethos that runs through our business allows for us to provide the best service possible to those looking for that personalised touch. From our family to yours.

At the heart of our business are our quality aggregates. At this point it’s worth pointing out that all our products come from our own stone in our own quarries. The majority of our aggregates are available as sandstone/gritstone and Granite. They range from 0-2mm all the way up to Rock Armour. Our 4mm-20mm aggregates are suitable for concrete production and are used in our AMIX Concrete mixing plant, as well as being used on driveways and paths.

We know that any good structure needs a foundation to build on. Our 75mm crusher run aggregates are perfect and are ideal for back fill and trench fill sub base. This allows for your home to be built on solid foundations.  Away from aggregates we also offer cut stone and dimensional stone services. This is where the true bespoke nature of our work takes places.

Dimensional Stone Services

Dimensional Stone is popular product we provide; our finest durable stone is to cut into any shape and size. We can create stone slabs, stone bricks and more to literally supply the building blocks to your new home. A tumbling machine that gives our stone amazing rounded edges for a more bespoke finish is also available.

Cut Stone Services

Our Cut stone serves use a range of fixed blade and wire saws that enable our stonemasons to supply an extensive range of architectural stonework including Window Cills, Lintels, Fence posts and Door Surrounds.

All of our work is bespoke to your requirements, and we are involved in many of projects ranging from refurbishment and renovation to new build.

One of our favourite types of cut stone products are our stone signs.  The stone plaques are a special way of christening your property and range in all shapes and sizes.  Customers can buy anything from corporate signage to individual hand crafted home naming slates.

There is something fascinating about watching how the rock in our quarries is blasted. It is then collected by our excavators and transported to our stone masons. From there is it transformed into works of art, that are hand finished and crafted with utmost care and precision. We truly believe in the smaller details that give you that personalised feel of bespoke tailor made products.

Other challenges we have undertaken with our cut stone services are garden furniture and statues big and small. We recently donated a bespoke monument to Queens Park, in Bolton; to commemorate the fifth battalion of the Loyal North Lancashire. It was unveiled by Lord Derby and honours the 1,060 members who fell in both World Wars.

Contact us today to see how we can tailor make bespoke crafted stonework for you and truly make your house a home.