Armstrongs To The World

Armstrongs isn’t just big at heart, but we’re big at reaching customers as well. Our blog this week is all about Armstrongs and how big our reach is, across the world. We provide to customers across the globe and take pride in our huge audience and what we do. This is Armstrongs to the world.

Armstrongs produce many different types of stone, used in a wide variety of projects. We produce different aggregate products such as mortar, rock armour and rip raps. Along side aggregates, we also produce ready mix concrete and cut stone. Our cut stone is made perfection for your needs. Our pink shap granite is beautiful and unique and used in many different products.

We have customers all over Europe, branching as far as sunny Barcelona in Spain. Here we love that we can reach so many people and be apart of so many different projects. We believe that every time a customer uses our products, a little bit of our soul is used as well.

Our products across the UK and Ireland

Many buildings and construction jobs consist of using our products. the Midland Hotel, which is based in Manchester is also made up of some of our products. This classic and iconic building is made from the pink Shap granite which we produce from our Shap quarry. The Midland Hotel has been a big part of Manchester for many years since 1903, and is a place of timeless elegance.

Shap Pink Granite

We have also provided stone to the great dock walls down in Southampton, and the St Pauls Cathedral. The St Pauls Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral, based at the highest point in the City of London, Ludgate Hill.  We send stone all over the United Kingdom and Ireland and can serve almost every need. Architects greatly use our stone and we pride ourselves knowing that we are second to none.

Armstrongs to the World: La Sagrada Familia

As well as close to home, we produce stone internationally to the amazing La Sagrada Familia. The La Sagrada Familia is an unfinished church in Barcelona, and is something we at Armstrongs hold very close to our hearts. The construction of the church has been ongoing for over 100 years. After running out of the original stone used in the church, they turned to looking all over to discover a similar stone which could be used. After discovering the perfect stone at Brinscall, completion of the church is due to take place between 2026 and 2032. Ever since 201, we have been the sole provider of the unique stone in England. If you wish to find out more about the La Sagrada Familia, read our blog about the beautiful church HERE!

Armstrongs to the world: La Sagrada Familia

It’s a pleasure to know that we play a huge part to so many people and projects across the world. We can’t wait to expand our reach even more so that we can help shape the landscapes of the future.

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