The Family Behind Armstrongs Group

Here at Armstrongs, we’re all about family. That’s why the blog this week is all about the family behind the Armstrongs Group. You’ve met our staff and now it’s time to meet the Armstrongs Family.

My name is Tom and I am here at Armstrongs on work experience as part of my business course at college. I am writing this blog as part of my training as a Digital Marketing Assistant. Whilst I have been here at Armstrongs, I have had the pleasure of being involved with their social media and their community.

The Family Behind Armstrongs Group

David and Emma met when Emma’s father needed trucks to move material from his pit. He ended up calling David Armstrong, who had two tipper trucks at that time. It was at this point, Emma grabbed David’s attention when he heard that she was the one loading his tippers with an O&K RH9 excavator.

My Experience with Sam

Fast forward a few years, Sam, who is the daughter of the two, became the Armstrongs Group Transport Manager. Sam is a hard worker, but knows how to have a laugh and crack a joke or two.

The family at Montcliffe

When Sam took me to Montcliffe quarry, so we could capture some photos, it was easy to see that she was in her element.  Sam knew everybody, from people in the office to those in the machinery down in the quarry. Everybody waved and she would always wave back with a big smile and a ‘how do you do?’ Sam was always telling me about the enormous equipment and the scale of the work which the workers in the quarries do.

The Family And Mayson

I witnessed a lot of the machinery from the ‘Meet Our Fleet’ blog in action. She would also tell me where to not stand or I’d go falling on my backside! Whilst we were at Montcliffe, some of the pictures which we took of Sam were with our huge V8 R Series truck, Mayson. Mayson is named after a racehorse which Sam and her sister raised when the young foal lost his mother. Previously we have done a blog all about Mayson and why he’s such an important part of Armstrongs.

Sam’s wisdom on the variety of machinery and equipment was outstanding. Almost as outstanding as when I found out she also put crisps in her pot noodle as well!

Her knowledge of the aggregates industry is second to non. Explaining in great detail what each machine did, what it produces and what it is used for. Our aggregates are used all over the world in a variety of products from sea defence to ready mix concrete.

Spending time with Sam on site taught me a lot about the scale of which Armstrongs work on. There was also a few laughs along the way. I witnessed the bond between both Sam and the people she works with. A true bond with the business that the Armstrong family is passionate about.

My Experience with Emma

Emma has always been involved with heavy machinery. She would always join her father on weekends and help repair different caterpillar vehicles. This is a trade that Emma knows and has been doing for years, it is clear this is her passion.

On my first week here at Armstrongs, I was taken on a tour of the main site by Emma. When driving in and out of the huge old locomotive factories, it seemed Emma’s knowledge of the company, and the history of the land was endless. Horwich is an old train manufacturing town, and Armstrongs use the old buildings for their own work. This keeps them in use, years on from the time of the Second World War, when they were also used for the manufacture of tanks.

Whilst being at Armstrongs, everything I have learnt from Sam, Emma and the rest of the team here is eye opening. Not only the way Armstrongs do business but the drive and passion behind it as well.

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